What is personal growth and why is it important to develop it?

Personal growth is the process of improving oneself in different aspects of life, such as health, relationships, work, learning, creativity, etc. It involves getting to know oneself better, identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and action plans, overcoming obstacles and challenges, and evaluating results and progress.

Personal growth is important because it helps us reach our potential, feel more satisfied and happier, increase our self-esteem and confidence, adapt better to changes, solve problems more effectively, and contribute positively to society.

An analogy between people and plants

To better understand the concept of personal growth, we can use an analogy between people and plants. Like the latter, people need certain conditions to grow and flourish, such as water, light, air, space, etc. These conditions can be equated to the basic needs and resources we have to meet them, such as food, rest, breathing, exercise, environment, time, or money.

However, not all plants are the same, just as people are not. Each plant has its characteristics, a different size, a particular shape, and different colors, aromas, or flavors. The same goes for personal traits, such as character, values, beliefs, skills, interests, preferences, or life circumstances.

Additionally, each plant has its life cycle, depending on factors like climate, season, reproduction, etc., just as people go through different life stages, either due to age or environmental circumstances.

Therefore, personal growth involves caring for and enhancing the conditions, characteristics, and life cycle of each person, respecting their uniqueness and diversity, and seeking their well-being and integral development.

Horticulture for therapeutic purposes

The act of cultivating can be extremely healing, allowing us to improve our physical and mental health, learn and develop values and skills, express our creativity, share with others, and feel proud and satisfied with our work.

Thus, we could say that horticulture helps us work on our personal growth in various ways:

It allows us to apply the principles of horticulture to our lives, using plants as a metaphor to understand and improve our situation. For example, we can choose plants that we like and that best adapt to our environment, just as we can choose goals that motivate us and fit our reality.

It provides us with a space for reflection, relaxation, and connection with ourselves and nature. By dedicating time and attention to our plants, we can disconnect from everyday concerns, stress, noise, and distractions, focusing on the present moment, our sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Doing so allows us to know ourselves better, identify our needs, values, and goals, and make more conscious and coherent decisions with our essence. Additionally, by connecting with nature, we can feel part of a larger, more harmonious, and balanced whole, experiencing feelings of peace, gratitude, respect, and love.

It allows us to learn, create, and share. Through practicing horticulture, we can acquire knowledge about plants, their care, properties, uses, etc. We can also express our creativity by choosing colors, shapes, designs, etc. for our garden. And we can share our experiences with other people who also practice horticulture. All of this allows us to develop our abilities, broaden our horizons, and enrich our relationships.

Why is personal growth trending?

Personal development is a trend that is gaining more followers, especially in a rapidly changing world that presents new challenges and opportunities. Many people are interested in personal growth to improve their quality of life, emotional well-being, self-esteem, happiness, sense of purpose, etc.

Personal growth is closely related to emotions and self-knowledge, as both are key elements in human development. Emotions are what move us, motivate us, alert us, communicate with us, connect us, etc. Self-knowledge is what allows us to recognize, understand, regulate, and express our emotions appropriately, as well as to know our traits, values, beliefs, goals, etc.

To achieve personal growth, it is necessary to work on emotions and self-knowledge through different strategies, techniques, tools, resources, etc. Some examples include meditation, mindfulness, coaching, therapy, reading, writing, art, sports, leisure, volunteering, etc.

It is a continuous, dynamic, and personalized process that requires commitment, effort, patience, and consistency. However, it is also a rewarding, enriching, and transformative process that allows us to discover and increase our potential, and live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

For all these reasons, GrowersGo was born, the world’s first app that combines horticulture and gaming to “hook” its users on personal growth. This tool allows you to take care of your plants every day, playing while learning and activating key skills and habits to improve your life.

Users who have tried it so far have managed to have a guiding thread to dedicate a few minutes each day to themselves, to self-care and, consequently, to their emotional health. We receive hundreds of positive comments every day from grateful growers who have this tool in their hands.

If you’re someone who doesn’t settle, who likes to keep dreaming, explore new paths, and reconnect with your best version, even if life doesn’t make it easy, we invite you to try GrowersGo. You’ll only need a few minutes a day to grow, progress, and lead a fuller life. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Click on this link to download the App for free.


Grow, Thrive and have a fulfilling Life.


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