What is GrowersGo and how does it work?
GrowersGo is a unique application that combines in one game, the cultivation of plants with personal development. Its purpose is to teach us to grow our own vegetables, fruits and plants at home in a fun and educational way. Through the game, we develop key skills and healthy habits to improve our quality of life with just a few minutes a day.

Why a horticultural game for our personal growth?
People and plants are much more alike than we think. We just need a little bit of attention and care, to bloom and bear fruit, but every day. GrowersGo is like the “Tamagotchi of personal growth”. If you take care of your plants, you take care of yourself and your loved ones. We help you come back every day.

What is GrowersGo’s mission and how does it relate to health and wellness?
People and plants are a lot alike. We just need a little bit of attention and care, to flourish and bear fruit, but every day. GrowersGo’s mission is to provide us with easy and fun access to personal development and social-emotional health, using horticulture as a common thread and promoting the love of health and nature, so that we can all grow, progress and have a fulfilling life.

What is the objective of the game?
The objective of the game is to take care of our plants in GrowersGo every day while receiving all the information needed to grow in real life. Our task as Growers is to provide our plants with the daily attention they need to grow and develop, which in turn teaches us the importance of persistence, constancy and patience in life.

How does GrowersGo work?
At GrowersGo, we work on 9 key life competencies, each represented by a vegetable, fruit or plant that we grow in sequence. Each competency is broken down into skills, and each skill is worked on during a week-long growing cycle of the assigned plant. After viewing daily educational content, we complete a quiz to earn rewards.

What kind of key competencies can I develop using GrowersGo?
You can develop nine key life skills, according to the LIFECOMP Framework. Some of the so-called soft skills, which help us move forward in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world we live in.

How to play GrowersGo?

In GrowersGo, we take care of our plants daily by providing them with light and water, as well as performing gardening tasks every week. Our goal is to keep our plants healthy and growing, which in turn reflects our personal development.

How do I give light to my plants at GrowersGo?

To get the light our plants need daily, I have to learn the Daily Growing daily content micro pill and click the Give my plant light button, which appears at the end of the micro pill. The light indicator will go to 100% and give us 24 hours of light.

How do I water my plants in GrowersGo?

To water our plants, we need to choose and report compliance with healthy habits. Each habit contains a % of the daily water our plants need. We can fill the watering can and water once when we have reported all our habits for the day, or water a little bit each time we report a habit.

What information will we find in the Go! section?

In the Go!” section, we find daily content to watch, learn and act. It includes “Daily Growing” for daily content, “I Learn” for the learning cycle and “I Act” for reporting healthy habits.

What content do the micro video pills offer and how often are they released?

The micro video pills offer educational content related to personal development. One is published per day, with a day off.

What are the rest days?

At the end of each weekly cycle, after adding the skill badge to our achievement garden and having watered at least one habit, we will have a rest day, before starting a new cycle of another skill. We can rest, review what we have learned and gather strength for the next cycle. We will have a new cycle unlocked at 00h of the day after the rest day. During the rest time, we can continue to report our healthy habits.

How do we add skill badges to our Achievement Garden in GrowersGo?

The skill badges are obtained by completing the 5 daily growings of each week and passing the test at the end of each skill cycle.

How do I get the gardening and pest badges in GrowersGo?

The badges are obtained by completing tasks and overcoming challenges within the application, persisting every day, and reflecting on different situations that can affect our emotional lives. The gardening badges allow us to apply care to our plants and we will see how they grow. They are obtained by entering GrowersGo at the beginning of each new skill cycle. The pest badges are obtained when pests appear on our plants, after answering some questions that invite us to reflect. 

How do you obtain the habit badges?

To obtain a badge of habit we must fulfill a streak of 5 consecutive days reporting the chosen habit. As we complete the streak days, we reach different levels that demonstrate our commitment to the habit. If we stop reporting a habit, we lose the streak and the badges and have to go back to work to get them back.

What does it mean to be a Grower on GrowersGo and what is your main goal?

A “Grower” on GrowersGo is a user of the platform whose main goal is to take care of their digital plants and develop key life skills.

Who is the Horticulturist Master and what is his role within the application?

The Horticulturist Master is the GrowersGo guide who leads users through the game experience, providing information, motivation and support during plant cultivation and skill development. 

What is the educational methodology used in GrowersGo?

GrowersGo uses an educational methodology focused on awareness, understanding and activation of key life skills, rather than offering conventional courses. It focuses on providing a practical and motivating experience for continuous learning.

What is GrowersGo’s approach to animations and how do they contribute to the user experience?

GrowersGo uses animations to differentiate itself visually and create a unique user experience. These animations help maintain user motivation and engagement by providing visual feedback on progress and actions within the application.

What is the difference between the Grow Free plan and the Grow Premium plan?


The Grow Free plan allows us to access the Daily Growings content and report healthy habits. Every time we want to give light, water, apply care to our plant or eradicate pests, we will have to see an ad, which will reward us for applying the care. The Grow Premium plan offers full access to all the rewards for caring for our plants, without the need to see ads and also allows the review at any time, of the previous content of the badges of skills and gardening and pests achieved.


What are the prices and subscription options available for GrowersGo?


Prices vary depending on the length of the subscription. There are monthly, quarterly and annual plan options available, with prices shown in the user’s local currency.


Is there a free trial period?


Yes, when we sign up for GrowersGo, we receive a 1-week free trial period for the Grow Premium plan, with no payment details required. This allows us to experience all the premium features before deciding if we want to continue with the subscription.


How does the automatic subscription renewal work?


The subscription is automatically renewed unless cancelled from the account settings at least 24 hours before the expiration date. 


Can I cancel a subscription?


Yes, a subscription can be cancelled at any time from the account settings. The subscription will remain active until the current expiration date, after which it will be switched to the free plan.


Will we lose our progress if the subscription is cancelled?


If the subscription is cancelled, we will lose access to the premium features of the application, but we will not lose our progress. We will be able to continue using the free account and keep our badges and achievements obtained up to that moment.


Do I have to follow the content calendar proposed by GrowersGo even if I have subscribed to the Premium plan?


Yes, it is necessary to follow the content calendar proposed by GrowersGo to maximize the learning and personal development experience. The content is designed to follow a logical progression of knowledge and skills.