Toxicity at work increases Stress

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Toxicity at work is an increasingly common phenomenon that negatively affects employees and organisations. This article explores how a toxic work environment can be a significant source of stress and an obstacle to personal growth, and offers strategies for managing and overcoming these challenges.

Enjoying the present: why is it so difficult?


Living and enjoying the present may seem like a natural and simple task in our personal growth, but for many, it becomes a constant challenge. Despite being physically here and now, our minds often wander in time, reliving the past or anticipating the future.

How to be Happier: A Training Towards Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a journey full of ups and downs, and we often find ourselves struggling to achieve it, only for it to slip through our fingers. In this article, we explain how to be happier with a few simple tips.

Meditation and Mindfulness: Exploring their Meanings

Meditation and mindfulness are terms that are often used interchangeably but have distinct meanings and practices. These disciplines have gained popularity in recent decades, especially in the field of mental health and wellness.

Emotional awareness: what your emotions tell you

Emotions are signals that inform us about our internal state and that of our environment. Emotional awareness helps us to adapt, communicate and relate to others. But, do we know how to listen to what our emotions are telling us? Are we able to understand and manage what we feel and what others feel? In […]

What is personal growth and why is it important to develop it?

Personal growth is the process of improving oneself in different aspects of life, such as health, relationships, work, learning, creativity, etc. It involves getting to know oneself better, identifying strengths and weaknesses, setting goals and action plans, overcoming obstacles and challenges, and evaluating results and progress.